Specialized attorney in Child Abduction (kidnapping) cases to or from Norway

Barrister at Law Sjak R. Haaheim is one of few specialized legal counsels in Norway, acknowledged on a list from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Public Security over counsels that can assist in child abduction cases.

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Our law firm assists when children are abducted to Norway from abroad and from Norway to another country.

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Child abduction (kidnapping) from Norway

If you have reason to believe that the other parent is planning to remove your children out of the country in which you are living, you should take immideate precautions. It is easier to prevent a child abduction, than to secure the homecoming of a child. We can advice you, and help to prevent an incident of this nature. Our initial advice is free of charge.

It doesn't matter who abducts the child. The most common is that children are abducted by parents, but the rules and definitions apply even when a grandparent, uncle, aunt or other family member removes a child from custody. The term child abduction also applies when children are removed from the permanent care of the Child Protection Services ("barnevernet"). Kidnapping for ransom, or kidnapping for human trafficing aren't considered child abduction.

Child abduction (kidnapping) to Norway

Child abduction is removing a child out of its home country unlawfully, and in contravention with the other parent's custody rights. It is also child abduction when a pre-arranged stay abroad is prolonged without the consent of the other parent. We can assist you inside or outside the court room, if your child has been abducted to Norway. Free legal aid is available on conditions. Contact us for advice in your case.